Two ways of life, an encounter, an ethics…..

BLUNT, a name that evokes the raw material since 2006, when Laetitia Bouchet and Franck Rigal created their first furniture collection. The name BLUNT has established itself by its consonance and its explicit meaning: strong, prominent, angular material.

In 2015, the award of the title of Art Craftman, their presence at the Salon Maison et Objet in the Design Hall, the belief of customers for more than a decade, reinforce them in the idea that craftsmanship has its place in decoration and design.

BLUNT publishes and manufactures in their workshops in Biarritz, a line of furniture that enhances the strength and beauty of the materials. Steel, solid wood, lacquer…..
Aesthetic, elegant, original and timeless collections where each piece is signed BLUNT with the year of manufacture.

BLUNT is a universe in which creation protects the freedom of expression of material and man.

Blunt is an ethical creation. Create and manufacture in France, refuse any production that would harm ethics in favour of productivity and prices. A daily concern for the excellence of the gesture and the choice of materials because the beauty of a piece of furniture necessarily depends on its history.

Creation to anticipate copying, proximity to cultivate human relationships, love and knowledge of material to sublimate it. The pride of these men in our workshop, who work with passion on each of the pieces that will be installed in your interiors, each of the unique or custom-made pieces that can be created for you.


Man’s hand and gaze are virtuosic…

In the workshop, it is men and women who work, each with their own know-how, their own talent, their own touch of audacity to “tame the material” as Franck Rigal says.

Few sophisticated tools. Only an expert hand and an experienced eye can do the necessary amount of work on the material to embellish its traces of history, to soften it and put it in shape. It is felt when in contact with softened corners, material joints or steel and wood parts.

No superfluous, only the essential has a meaning…

One of the reasons for the refined and sober appearance of the furniture is undoubtedly the absence of mechanical parts. This is where the welding profession takes on its full importance at the heart of the workshop. Each piece of furniture published, from a steel or wood collection, will pass through the hands of these artists from fusion welding to final assembly.

Nothing is left to chance, all the details are important at each step of the manufacturing process.

For collections integrating solid wood, it is in turn the hands of the cabinetmaker and the carpenter who intervene. In some projects, the limit with the profession of sculptor is close. For the WOOD and WOODLAK collections in particular, it is the man who bends to the movements and shapes of the piece of wood. With care, precision and passion, everyone works to achieve the desired work


Design flirts with art

Each BLUNT creation tells a story to the one who pays attention to it. By its elementary expression, its bare language, even a piece of furniture edited in series is unique by the very essence of the material.

It is with this passion for materials, this ability to imagine the right balance that the first collections will be designed. A desire also to restore each object to its original function through simple forms where the material takes over to give meaning and value.

“It is not the drawings that bring the lines but the material that implies them”.

Without pencil or sophisticated software, Franck Rigal and Laetitia Bouchet create; they listen to steel and wood and let them seduce.

“The materials we use are timeless, they are true.”

By working with them as we do, they give the final object the same attributes: timelessness and authenticity.


Blunt’s identity is the work of matter


Steel, a reference to the world of construction, has a cold and impersonal connotation.
BLUNT gives steel another dimension and sublimates its history, like a wood grain. Steel or solid wood parts are chosen one by one because only an informed eye can recognize a material interesting or harmless. Steel offers a history through its rolling scale, oxidation traces or contusion. The human hand highlights these marks and imperfections. So each singularity nourishes the uniqueness of the manufactured model.


Wood is a material where natural imperfection is a source of pleasure for the person who works with it. BLUNT plays with them and excels in the art of transforming irregularity and particularity to offer a unique piece.

“Sapwood, for example, is an essential part of a piece of wood. Its size, its colour says a lot about the age of the tree and its dimension”.

The mainly selected wood species are Iroko and Sipo. Iroko is a blond wood, of an amber colour, with a fine and discreet weaving known for its high density. Sipo has the same technical characteristics, but its colour is browner with a discreet veining.
Whether in wood or steel, BLUNT offers different finishes that will also give us a wider choice of possibilities.